1 pipe for 24,000 packets

The impact our work has on the health and safety of billions of people.

We work for the world.

Ecor Research is a stage in the production chain of the food packaging sector. The Company has been operating in the packaging machines sector for over 30 years, and has acquired highly specialized, cutting-edge expertise.

When we open the fridge in the morning to give our sons some milk or to savour some tasty fruit juice, behind a simple daily action lies the Company and everybody’s work.

And this is no trivial awareness. It is, on the contrary, the importance of knowing and recognizing the  extraordinary effects our work has on other people’s lives.

Frenzy and routine have us focus only on our tasks, on individual activities we are entrusted, and we fail to see the overall picture, the wide one, the one seen from above.

We have the privilege and great responsibility to contribute to the delicate food process, which takes shape in the drink cartons we buy at the supermarket, even absent-mindedly at times, often overlooking the fact that in that single product lies the history our company.

This is why we are no longer just welders, engineers, scarfing machine operators, testers or assemblers, in that  we become primarily responsible for and main actors of  the necessary transformation that the food sector involves.

When the gates of the production plant open in the morning, let’s remember we don’t only work for Ecor Research and to ensure continuing support to our families. We are providing a service to the whole world. Because everybody drink milk and fruit juice. Children and adults of all races, cultures and religious beliefs. And this is how perspective changes, and so does the geographic area of interest, as we can state, without uncertainty, that we work for Europe, Africa, The Americas, Oceania and Asia.

The acquisition of specialized skills and the attainment of good economic performance aren’t the only parameters to be taken into account to judge our work. To these essential ones we keep adding passion and creativity, which enable us to dare, to take risks and find new solutions.

Let’s try to translate the word “responsibility” in figures.

Ecor Research makes about 600 filling pipes a year.

The making of carton packages takes place by filling the paper pipe with food. The product and the package material meet inside a formerly sterilized environment, which is made aseptic by a seal system which guarantees the complete absence of bacteria. The filling system takes the form of its main component, the filling pipe. This component is considered critical both in terms of manufacturing and of its functionality. Indeed, besides granting an aseptic seal to the external environment, it transports the food product ensuring perfect product integrity. This is performed in full compliance with the most important food laws and regulations on a world scale such as EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), 3A and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Each pipe can fill 24,000 packages an hour. The packaging system works approximately 16 hour a day, 350 days a year. This means that the production of a single pipe provides for the filling of 134 million 400 thousand units. By manufacturing 600 pipes a year, Ecor Research contributes to the making of 80 billion 640 million packages a year. A single pipe has an average life cycle of 20,000-hour functioning.

What we do is therefore on the tables of billions of people. This is a responsibility and a challenge we take up every day.