Innovation, research and sustainability. The Ecor International Group on the magazine with Made in Italy Excellence

The Osservatorio sul Merito 2024, a section dedicated to the Excellence of Made in Italy, also allocates space to Ecor International Group.

The integration of industrial research and advanced production technologies situates Ecor International Group within a context of technological excellence, enabling it to develop innovative solutions for customers in the industrial sectors it serves. To rapidly scale up prototype solutions developed in-house, the Group has equipped itself with industrial-sized plants over time, dedicated to research and falling within the scope of Industry 4.0.

“Focusing on the evolution of technological landscapes and participating in contexts where (digital) technologies are developed, tested, and applied allows for intelligent and adaptive monitoring of market changes.
Digitalization has permeated areas such as production, research, marketing, HR, etc. Digital transformation represents a comprehensive change achieved through the widespread and effective application of digital technology across all areas and processes of the organization.” – Domenico Stocchi, Research & Innovation Director, Ecor International.

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