The BET Team’s key role in disseminating corporate values

I ragazzi del BET Team
The BET Team (an abbreviation for Be Ecor Transformation) is the in-house tool within the Ecor International Group.

“We believe that an organization like ours can be forward-thinking not only in terms of technological innovation but also regarding corporate culture. We recognize the significance of the work environment in relation to well-being, motivation, attractiveness, and ultimately the overall growth of the company.
That’s why we’ve launched an internal project focusing on our Group’s employees, aimed at spreading and implementing the company values. This initiative aims to tangibly enhance the working environment and our corporate culture, resulting in a concrete improvement.””We believe that an organisation like ours can be a forward-looking organisation not only in terms of technological innovation but also in terms of corporate culture”.     

This is how Fabrizio Casadei, General Manager and CEO of the Ecor International Group (Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus), introduces the foundation of the BET Team.

The BET Team (an abbreviation for Be Ecor Transformation) is the in-house tool within the Ecor International Group established in 2021 as a manifestation of a shared sentiment that originated from the Group Management and permeated through the daily work of all employees.

The genesis was marked by the Management’s commitment to a clear vision for the Group’s future, which included defining the corporate Mission and Vision.
This envisioned future needed to be made tangible and actionable across all departments. This is where the BET Team stepped in, comprising 7 employees selected to represent various areas of the company: Irene Blo (Researcher Laboratories & Technologies, Surface Engineering), Piermario Campagnari (Production Control Aerospace), Alberto Chiarello (Automation & Digitalization Manager, Il Sentiero International Campus), Luca Costalunga (Key Account Management Aseptic Liquid Packaging), Michael Gualtiero (Cutting & Bending), Carlo Sella (Financing & Business Development Controller) e Fabio Zordan (Quality Assurance).

“Being part of the BET Team provides me with an opportunity to collaborate within a diverse group and unite toward a common goal for all employees. It has enabled me to familiarize myself and stay connected with other business areas that I might not have otherwise engaged with,” shares Fabio Zordan (Quality Assurance, Ecor International). “During these initial years, we operated as a cohesive unit, each contributing individual strengths and ideas towards a collective purpose. We managed to define specific objectives, achieve them, and consistently uphold them.”

I ragazzi del BET Team

The team’s efforts were particularly concentrated on two focal points: welcoming new colleagues entering the company and nurturing the well-being of existing employees.
On their first day, all new employees receive a Welcome Kit containing a comprehensive overview of the Group (including the Company Profile, Company Values, and Company Regulations), alongside practical guides like the Parking Map and Canteen Reservation Guide. The kit is completed with a personalized water bottle featuring the newcomer’s name.

Every month, a member of the BET Team accompanies new employees on an introductory tour of the company, acquainting them with all departments and business areas.

Following the BET Team’s initiative, monitors have been installed in the break areas across all Group locations to disseminate news and internal activities. These screens also foster team bonding by promoting non-company events (such as outings, dinners, charity initiatives, etc.) suggested by colleagues themselves and open to everyone.

Finally, for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a Company Family Day was organized this year. The event took place in the spring and engaged over one hundred employees who invited their family members to explore their workplace. Guided tours of the five hubs comprising the Schio headquarters were arranged, along with games and activities for the children. The morning provided a pleasant opportunity for everyone to come together in a spirit of camaraderie and conviviality.