Students from IPS Garbin cameon a visit to study a complex organisation

First-year students from the G. B. Garbin Professional Institute in Schio are visiting Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus

This week, students from the first grade of the G. B. Garbin Professional Institute in Schio came to visit Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus.

The company tour was organised as part of a school project organised by the school and more specifically by the Professional Commercial Services Area.
The aim of the visit was to give the students a concrete experience, allowing them to get to know a company with an international scope present in the area and to understand the functioning of the internal dynamics between different areas of the company offices.

Andrea Perezzan

The students were welcomed by Andrea Perezzan, Quality Manager at Ecor International, who gave a comprehensive presentation of the Business Areas in which the Group operates and the specialised skills that set us apart.

To better introduce the students to the interactions between the different company departments, Luca Costalunga, Key Account Management Aseptic Liquid Packaging, continued. He focused on the ‘product life cycle’, offering an overview of the stages involved in the development and production of welded components. Finally, the company tour was concluded by Carlo Sella, Financing & Business Development Controller, who illustrated the ‘life cycle of an invoice’ through the internal processes and procedures of the Administration Department.

Carlo Sella

Through this visit we hope to have conveyed to the young students the importance of collaboration and synergy within a complex organisation such as the Ecor International Group.