Work-related learning, the floor to former students

In 2017, Ecor International hosted 12 students of technical and high schools in the territory: here some viewpoints of who, after having taken part to this initiative, started working in the company.

For several years, Ecor International has adhered to the work-related learning initiative, a didactic activity born in order to put in contact schools and enterprises favoring better learning opportunities and orientation for the youngest people.

The initiative gives the chance to alternate the normal study plan with working periods in a company aimed at applying competences learned at school acquiring practical skills.

Starting from the academic year 2017/2018, the initiative is mandatory for students in the last three years of secondary school (1,5 million students): students of technical schools have to attend at least 400 hours in a company, whereas students of high schools only 200.

alternanza scuola-lavoro

In 2017, Ecor International has hosted for some weeks and in different periods 12 students of schools in the territory, in particular the Technical School of Economy and Technology  ‘’Pasini’’, the Technical/Technological School ‘’Chilesotti’’, the Technical/Industrial School ‘’De Pretto’’, the School for Industry and Handicraft ‘’Garbin’’ and the Scientific High School ‘’Tron’’.

Accompanied by a tutor that guides them in their daily tasks, students carried out support activities in several areas such as Administration, Information Systems, Quality Control, Assembly, Production, Storehouse and Purchase. The choice of the area was based not only on the type of school attained by students, but also on their preferences, giving them the possibility to know more areas during their work experience.

sede ecor international
Ecor International’s headquarters in Schio, Vicenza.

In 2018, 5 students are carrying out or will carry out the work-related learning experience; the number of participants will be the same as 2017. Recently, for instance, Beatrice, 17 years old, which is attending the third year at the secondary school IPSIA, has spent some weeks in the company supporting  the Administration area. Saad, 16 years old, third year at IPSIA, has supported the activities of Quality and Purchase areas.

«We really believe in this project and we have decided to firmly support it spending our time –explains Alessandra Carraro, head of Human Resources–. On one hand we give students the opportunity to live a period in our company in order to guide them in their studies. On the other hand, we can introduce ourselves and find out young people that, if interested in the company and in its opportunities, could become part of it. For us, finding out young people both motivated and willing is pivotal».



The initiative has been productive, because today several people that in past years took part in the work-related learning experience work in the company.

Among them, Istiaq, 23 years old, which work as Penetrant liquids and X-rays responsible, an important activity used to identify possible components imperfections.

controllo qualità raggi x
Istiaq while performing an X-ray inspection.

«I participated in the work-related learning project many years ago while I was attending the school IPSIA (Quality and Shipment area of study). Then I carried out some internships in the company and, in 2015, they hired me. I think we have to sustain the work-related learning because it helps students in understanding the world of work while they are studying. I also think that if we show willing and commitment, there is the concrete possibility to be contacted again».

Elia, 20 years old, finished its studies at ITIS and, after 3 weeks of work-related learning in 2015 in the automatic welding area, the company hired him: since February, he is working in the Tool machines area, supporting bend, cut and mechanical activities.

lavorazione lamiera
Elia in the Tool machines area.

«I think that work-related learning is a useful opportunity that helps to introduce yourself to the company: I sent my curriculum to the Human Resources office, highlighting the experience carried out previously».

Concerning Offices, in particular Administration, since October Carlo (23 years old) supports the activities of financial statements. Graduated in Business Management, after having studied at a Scientific High School, he carried out the work-related learning in 2013, always in the Administration area.

bandi europei ecor international
Carlo in the Administration Office.

«I am in favor of these projects: the work-related learning gave me the chance to be for the first time in contact with the world of work making better decisions after finishing high school. Then, the last summer I carried out a University Internship Program and finally the company hired me».