Product quality depends on its certification

Ecor International's Pharma Business Unit ensures full traceability and provides certifications for every component and system manufactured.

Ecor International’s Pharma Business Unit ensures full traceability and provides certifications for every component and system manufactured.

Food and Pharmaceuticals market sectors are demanding and rigorous sectors. Is it more important to focus on product development and innovation or on product quality?

When we talk about products used in food and pharmaceutical contexts, the product quality goes hand in hand with validation through certifications. They are closely linked by the theme of security. For products of this nature it is essential to guarantee safety achievement.

Let’s consider the components of automated machinery through which food or drug passes in production. These components, often referred to as critical components, must have such quality and functional requirements that cannot risk to alter the very product they transport or process.
How can we be sure and guarantee that components respect certain properties, so as not to affect the quality of the product with which they come into contact? Through product certifications.       

Ecor International’s Pharma Business Unit operates on these two pillars: security of product quality and assurance through certifications
In fact, for years it has not only offered innovative solutions and installations to its customers, but also provided a wide range of certifications, depending on the type of application and customer’s specific request.
The customers of the Pharma Business Unit are multinational corporations in the pharmaceutical sector with a growing focus and high demands both on safety and certification issues.

The certification of a product or a system is a very complex process.     
The final certificate (which in some cases is a book of hundreds of pages including numerous documents) represents the very last step.  To create the final certificate is set in motion a process with many actors that carry out checks, perform tests and draw up reports.

“We guarantee the quality of every component we manufacture.
Our customers approach us to define supply standards according to the documentation required by the end user, namely the pharmaceutical company,’ explains Fabio Pozzebon, Business Manager Pharma & Advanced Mechanics.

“We provide certifications, inspections during production and final testing. The reports is a crucial document to guarantee the quality of the supply itself. The supply is not complete until both product and related certification are ready.     
Ecor International has always invested skills and resources in the certification process, coming from decades of experience in the food and aeronautical fields.  We are aware how these activities are now perceived as a strategic asset and are also highly requested by our customers’.