Pharma and training: a combination to be maintained with prestigious memberships and specialized training

Ecor International recently joined ISPE and enrolled its employees in specialized training.

In the ever-expanding and evolving Pharma Business Area, continuous updates are a necessity. Scientific innovation, staff training, compliance with regulations, and competitiveness in the market are essential for progress in the dynamic pharmaceutical sector.

To remain at the forefront and continue providing companies with high-quality equipment and systems, Ecor International recently joined ISPE and enrolled its employees in specialized training.

To underline Ecor International’s commitment to ongoing education, the Schio-based company recently joined the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). This prestigious association supports its members by keeping them informed about scientific, technical, and regulatory advancements throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle.

ISPE is dedicated to enhancing the theoretical and technical expertise of its members through forums for the exchange of ideas and practical experiences.

The Head of the Pharma Area, Fabio Pozzebon, along with his closest collaborators, attended a specialized training course titled ‘CIP-SIP Systems for the Pharmaceutical World.

“The course was designed with a cross-functional approach, allowing not only technicians from R&D and Engineering departments to participate but also personnel from the commercial, production, and quality functions,” comments Fabio Pozzebon, Business Manager Pharma & Advanced Mechanics. “I strongly believe that in-depth, rather than superficial knowledge, and the involvement of all stakeholders in the product realization process lead to a synergistic effect and better results”.

Davide Zulpo, Key Account Management, Pharma & Advanced Mechanics, adds: ‘Having a solid understanding of the technical aspects, principles, and regulations that form the foundation of plant design like these enables us to engage with our customers on the same level. It allows us to contribute from the early stages of the requirements analysis phase.”

“Understanding the requirements of the end customer, including specific requests for minimal roughness and surface defect-free products, empowers us to maintain a higher level of awareness even during production. This heightened awareness enables us to pay greater attention and consistently achieve superior quality results,” concludes Sveva Moro, Pharma & Advanced Mechanics traceable product planner.

The course, dedicated to CIP-SIP systems for the pharmaceutical world, was delivered by the consulting company Concas Consulting. The course focused on the techniques and principles behind washing and sterilisation, and on the most suitable materials and geometries. During the course there was also the practical opportunity to design a prototype implant to carry out tests.

The course instructor, Alessio Concas, technical manager of Concas Consulting describes the specialised training as follows: “The course started from the basic principles and went in depth into the from both a construction and process point of view, providing participants with the tools to be able to develop such applications with maximum confidence”.