Poema adventure has started

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On 5th December Ecor Research signed a bilateral agreement for a project to improve aircraft engine efficiency and quality.

Ecor Research has officially entered the Poema network, bringing to the table specific expertise and high-level technical know-how in welding processes.

Indeed, on 5th December Ecor Research Vice President Umberto Lucietto signed a bilateral agreement in EMA office in Avellino. This agreement defines the industrial activities to be performed by Poema (European Centre for Aerospace Precision Casting) and calls for 1 million 500 thousand euro investment by the company. EMA, a company part of Rolls Royce Group, is the world leader in precision cast components for aero and industrial gas turbines. The signing of the agreement took place one week before Matteo Renzi, Italian Prime Minister, visited EMA facilities during his tour of the Italian top companies.

Poema, which is formed by nine companies, has set as its main objective the improvement of the quality, performance and efficiency of aircraft engines and particularly of turbine components, by reducing consumption. The project, which involves a total investment of 35 million euro, will be partly funded by Invitalia (National Agency for Inward Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development) and by the Ministry for Economic Development.

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Thus, from this year, in the facilities near EMA Headquarters where machinery and systems have been installed, four Ecor Research specialized workers will start their activities. They’ll perform welding on components and develop laser application as an innovative energy source for the joining of nickel-based super alloys, which turbine blades are made of.

«EMA and its partners operate in a hi-tech sector with high barriers to entry – Otello Natale, President of Poema and CEO of EMA, explains – . It is a rapidly-growing sector, especially in the Asian markets». The world commercial aircraft fleet is going to double in the next twenty years and demand for new engines is already rising sharply.

«If Italy believes being present in such a internationally significant sector is essential, Poema can make a substantial contribution to that»- Giuseppe Ciongoli, Rolls-Royce Italia President points out.

Angelica Saggese, Italian Senate member, and Gerardo Capozza, Prime Minister’s Advisor, were also present at the signing of the agreement, which was welcomed by Umberto Lucietto, Vice President of Ecor Research:

«This is a small, yet far-reaching event for Ecor Research, in that it represents a breakthrough from several points of view: firstly, it’s the first time such a long-term open order, a 10-year one, has been placed which will provide for high visibility of both production and cash flows. Secondly, the opening of a production plant outside our Headquarters for the first time represents an opportunity to gain further management skills. Thirdly, it is the beginning of a direct collaboration with Rolls Royce, top company in the aircraft sector that will lead Ecor Research to further grow in terms of culture and specific skills in the sector. And finally, it marks the official access to a network of companies, which is a new and strategic tool that is being increasingly used by good practice companies».