Flying high in the Aerospace Industry

Constant investments, advanced technologies and specialized expertise to become an integrated and flexible partner at the service of the customers.

Ecor Research adventure in the Aerospace & Defense sector has started six years ago.
In 2009 the company, in the light of a constant evolution experimented in the course of time, decided to kick off a strategy for the identification of new markets, aiming at widening its business opportunity.

The company began with a project for the BOING 787 in carbon fiber, a particularly light material and therefore excellent for the manufacturing of aircrafts.
To avoid galvanic corrosion, it was necessary the manufacturing of some parts of the aircraft in titanium alloys and not in aluminum as done before.
Ecor Research, thanks to the laser welding plants and to specialized competences acquired in special processes, started to perform manufacturing of those components for a customer, having its debut in the aerospace market. Gradually, besides the standard manufacturing for the Food Industry, new projects for civil and military aircrafts started.

Within this new entrepreneurial initiative, that opened the company to a sector unexplored until then, a certainty remains the same: customers can always count on skills, technology and experience well-established in other sectors, applied in this new field.
From an operative point of view, the company immediately stepped forward as an integrated and flexible supplier: in the course of time, it became a strategic partner for the customer, able to manage the project in synergy in every phase of the development.

On the one hand, the company works in OEM sector, Original Equipment Manufacturing that is to say as a supplier of components that will be then installed in the aircraft. In this field, the company engineers and produces functional and structural components such as fuel pipes, engine cradles and exhaust ducts. These are components produced in highly performing materials, as nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium and steel.
The other reference field is MRO, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, the aircraft maintenance in which the intervention entails the reparation of the fuel pipes.

Ecor Research has technologically advanced plants for manufacturing, such as automatic machines and high vacuum furnace for heat treatments. Ecor Research production site has a dedicated and limited access area to guarantee the entrance only to qualified and authorized personnel.
The temperature and humidity are controlled and protected from external contaminants agents such as dust and other manufacturing residual that could compromise welders operations.

In the light of the steady growth forecast for the Aerospace & Defense Industry for the future, the need to have new production spaces has aroused to meet the customers’ requirements. For this aim in 2016 will be inaugurated the new plant close to the current area in which the whole aerospace production will be moved. The dedicated surface will be enlarged to 1,450 square meters.

The adventure in the Aerospace has just started.