R&D and supply of systems: Ecor Research strategy in the field of Defense

The company develops expertise in the creation of ballistic protection and mobile purification water units.

Thanks to its historical skills, such as welding and special processes, and within a diversification strategy undertaken few years ago, the company is increasingly oriented towards the world of Aerospace and Defense. For this latter field the company will act on two parallel levels: R&D and systems direct supply.

Thanks to its expertise on advanced materials and coating special technologies, Ecor Research proposes, in partnership with other players of the sector, the development of innovative solutions in the field of ballistic protections. These are related, in particular, to multi-layer materials adaptable to different threats and adaptable for additive protection for wheeled and tracked vehicles and helicopters. In parallel, Ecor Research is able to develop modular systems for water treatment and purification, with particular reference to the lightness and compactness as part of entry force missions.

One example is the mobile purification unit, designed to meet the needs of production of drinking water where there is only one source such as a well, a river, a lake or a sea, and proves to be a flexible and adaptable equipment to each type of use thanks to the combination of the treatment modules. Based on investments and internal developments, the company will shortly be able to provide solutions also adaptable to different mission profiles, at a later time convertible in operations of stabilization and reconstruction.

Thanks to thirty-year of consolidated experience in providing critical mechanical products for multinationals in the field of automatic machines for food and medicine packaging, the company is entering the Defense sector with a range of skills, methodologies and certifications of excellence acknowledged at national level. In this completely new sector, the company is able to anticipate the needs of the market, being a strategic and integrated supplier, sharing with customers the important phases of design and product industrialization.