Control solutions to monitor plants even thousands of kilometres away

The additional support and control services offered to clients by Il Sentiero International Campus.

The expertise of the Engineers at Il Sentiero International Campus in control solutions is demonstrated through applications developed for both internal use and customer projects.

What sets apart the Industrial Research Centre in the market are the additional services it offers in terms of support and control. Among these services are:

  • Remote guidance and instruction for operators on test rigs (conducted by the Test Engineers of Il Sentiero International Campus).
  • Capability to monitor test rigs situated in various locations through a centralized dashboard.
  • Remote ability to modify developed software to align with customer requirements and/or application evolution.

The ability to remotely intervene on machine control software, conducting updates and corrections, stands as a pivotal element within the realm of Research and Development. In industries where we are actively engaged, such as pharmaceuticals, industrial packaging, and automotive, the agility to promptly address changes is paramount.

By implementing remote control solutions, we can continuously oversee plants installed both on-site and at locations thousands of kilometers away. The Test Engineers at Il Sentiero International Campus have overseen various projects, including a sterilization plant for the medical sector (associated with the EcoDPI funded project), a system for washing and cleaning solutions utilizing chemical agents (part of the TresClean funded project), and a plant dedicated to studying surface texturing over time.

These control applications enable us to offer remote assistance at customer sites, such as during plant commissioning or when addressing performance issues or malfunctions.In the past, we’ve also conducted training sessions for end-users, customers, or fellow engineers at different locations.

Furthermore, modifications can be directly implemented on systems that are not physically present on-site. For instance, if a customer requires monitoring of new machinery parameters, sensors can be integrated to enable the acquisition of additional motor parameters (such as speed, torque, etc.) for the installation. Such modifications are typically performed on benches used for studying critical components subjected to mechanical, chemical, and thermal stresses, particularly in the packaging and automotive machinery sectors.

At Il Sentiero International Campus, special emphasis is placed on hardware during the design phase of installations, ensuring it can support the integration of remote control software while maintaining a robust network infrastructure. During software development and test bed configuration, solutions are implemented to streamline remote monitoring and control processes, including alarm management and software development software connectivity. The latter has proven pivotal in numerous scenarios requiring adjustments and additions to PLC and/or HMI software, facilitating timely interventions and minimizing maintenance downtime.