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Aerospace Industry, Ecor International awarded by Thales Alenia Space

The company has received the prize “Award for SME - Small Medium Enterprise” thanks to its performances after being selected among 200 suppliers. For this customer, Ecor International carries out manufacturing of cylindrical parts and integrations of fluid circuits used in aircrafts and orbiting satellites.

Ecor International has won the “Award for SME – Small Medium Enterprise” assigned by Thales Alenia Space to the best suppliers during the annual event “Supplier Conference” carried out in the offices in Cannes recently. Thales Alenia Space, Joint Venture between the French company Thales and the Italian one Leonardo, designs and produces high-tech solutions for telecommunications, navigation, earth observation, environmental management, exploration, science and orbital infrastructures.

The company has distinguished itself among 200 suppliers throughout Europe in the category small and medium enterprises, reaching high performances in terms of service/product quality and projects management.

Il momento della premiazione nella sede di Cannes di Thales Alenia Space.
The  award ceremony in Cannes at Thales Alenia Space Headquarters.

Ecor International has collaborated with Thales Alenia Space since 2014, carrying out manufacturing of critical parts and integrations of fluid circuits used in aircrafts and orbiting satellites. In particular, the company deals with piping used in the transport of fluids such as oxygen, water and azote necessary for the survival of astronauts in the space and the propulsion of vehicles.

These critical components are highly complex; they need a specialized know-how in the management of all production process phases, quality controls (that have to be strict), compliance with standards imposed by the project. For the Aerospace, the company carries out bending and welding activities on pipes and structural components, non-destructive controls, pressure leak tests and high-vacuum heat treatments.

Il team di Ecor International che ha lavorato ai progetti per il cliente Thales Alenia Space.
Ecor International team that worked on projects for Thales Alenia Space.

«This prize represents a great satisfaction for us and confirms our commitment to go on with our markets diversification strategy – affirms Chiara Lucietto, Business Director-. Our products are characterized by high safety and clean levels that are required in many sectors: aseptic pipes for Food packaging and processing automatic machines (our main industry), aerostructures components, motors and fluid circuits for the Aerospace. Today, we are working hard to take advantage of our distinctive competences using them in other markets».

«It has been an honor for us to participate in Thales Alenia Space event receiving this prestigious recognition – says Rinaldo Rigon, Product & Project Manager—. We have proposed ourselves to Thales not only as a supplier, but also as a strategic partner. Since 2010 (our debut in the Aerospace), we have invested structures and resources in order to face growing orders; among structures we mention a production plant dedicated to this Industry, where qualified personnel works. The company thanks them for the important result reached».

Chiara Lucietto, Business Director e Rinaldo Rigon, Product & Project Manager con il premio ricevuto da Thales Alenia Space.
Chiara Lucietto, Business Director and Rinaldo Rigon, Product & Project Manager with Thales Alenia Space award.