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Welding as a tool for social inclusion and approch the labour market

Partecipante all'Accademia della Saldatura
Ecor International was an active partner of the SMELT project and hosted a selection of participants at the Welding Academy last summer.

2023 has just begun and the first data indicate that in Veneto companies are looking for personnel to hire but are in great difficulty in finding it. The Excelsior projections, elaborated at the beginning of this year from the Agency for the active policies of the job (Anpal), assert that the job hunting positions in our region are 133.000. The real question is how to find and recruit new staff, skilled and unskilled.

The final resulst of SMELT project are linked to the general framework of difficult to find new hires.
SMELT project involved more than 100 vulnerable people in Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia, Spain, and North Macedonia, over the course of 2 years.

Learning to weld can encourage the integration of vulnerable people into society? SMELT European project demonstrated the concrete benefits of acquiring skills required by the labour market, involving six European organisations, vocational training centres and companies, including Ecor International.

In particular, the activities of the project have encouraged participation both in active labour research laboratories and in vocational training courses, including welding courses, which have led to the employment of a part of the beneficiaries.
Ecor International was an active partner of the project and hosted a selection of participants at the Welding Academy last summer.

On Monday 16 January at Megahub Fablab in Schio, the Samarcanda Cooperative -at the head of the partnership- will hold the closing event of the project during which the results will be presented.

On the same day, Monday 16 January, the first edition of 2023 of the Ecor International Welding Academy will begin. The Academy, which welcomed the beneficiaries of the SMELT project last summer, starts again with a new edition dedicated to young people.

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