The doors of the Welding Academy reopen, a concrete opportunity for training and recruitment in the company

In November the doors of the Ecor International Welding Academy reopen, with 6 places available to follow the training course financed which introduces one of the professions most in demand by the labour market.

In November the doors of the Ecor International Welding Academy reopen, with 6 places available to follow the training course financed which introduces one of the professions most in demand by the labour market.

In a historical juncture in which on one side the occupational development is positive in our Region (updated data of Veneto Lavoro) and on the other hand is growing the difficulty for companies to find specialized profiles (data of International research taken from the World Economic Forum) Ecor International in partnership with Randstad, collects applications for this training course aimed at acquiring a basic preparation of the role of welder technician.

“An opportunity not to be missed”

In November is starting an engaging and practical path, lasting a working week. It is a free training for participants, aimed at offering the opportunity to stay in the company or to find one of the most sought after jobs by Vicenza companies.

The Welding Academy is an initiative for all people who, even without experience, wish to get involved and acquire the foundations of a new technical profession. To enter the shortlist of 6 participants in the course are required motivation, aptitude for the technical field related to the world of welding, manual preparation and precision.

An opportunity not to be missed” – explains Laura De Rosso, welding officer at Ecor International, hired after attending the Welding Academy in 2019 -“To young people who think to apply, I’d like to say it’s worth a try. The theory of the course was fundamental to start to know better the welding technique and then there were the practical exercises that allowed us to handle for the first time a tig torch and put us to the test“.

Welding officer at Ecor International

Development of new skills

The investment in industrial research and the development of new skills has distinguished Ecor International over the years, with its Industrial Research Centre, Il Sentiero International Campus.

For the launch of the latest 2022 edition of the Welding Academy, the company has forged a new partnership with Randstad, which will take care of the research and selection of participants.
The training project is funded by Forma.Temp, the fund for the training of workers, dedicated to the financing of training courses for unemployed people or workers in administration.

Ecor International will host the Welding Academy in its headquarters in Via Friuli in Schio, with welding stations dedicated exclusively to the school. The Ecor teachers are two specialized engineers, Rinaldo Rigon and Giuliano Cazzola, and a specialized technician, Mirco Sassaro.

Theorical lesson at the Ecor International Welding Academy
Theoretical lesson at the Ecor International Welding Academy

It’s the fourth edition of the Academy in 2022

In November it will start the latest edition of the Welding Academy for 2022, after the courses started in January, April and September, with over 30 people trained in the last 4 years.

The training course has a total duration of 40 hours in presence, with 8 hours dedicated to general safety and the rights and duties of workers and 32 hours of technical teaching, in which moments of theoretical training will alternate (in Technical Drawing and Welding Theory) and moments of welding practice.

Ecor International, with the Welding Academy, aims to offer new skills to unemployed people, introducing them to the practice of welding, and to facilitate the entry into the company.

To apply, please send your resume to

To see the video with the presentation of the Welding Academy click here.

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