The third edition of the Welding Academy has come to conclusion

Un momento del corso di formazione per saldatori.
The specialist training course for welders was organized by Ecor International and Axl employment agency. Over the years, 16 students have attended with the aim of learning a profession required by the labour market and hard to find.

The third edition of the Welding Academy, an innovative Business School course, has come to conclusion. It took place in Ecor International, and was organized in collaboration with the Axl employment agency, aiming to train professionals highly requested in the labour market, but hard to find.

This free path for the participants has reached its third edition that recently ended. During these years, 16 students have attended the school. They have been able to learn theoretical and practical know-how that will be useful to become welders specialized in pipe processing. This is a profile that is also attracting interest from the female audience since in the last edition held in 2019, 5 out of 6 participants were women.

Un corso di formazione per saldatori in Ecor International.
A student of the Accademia della Saldatura during the practical welding test.

The training plan

The Academy training plan is divided into a theoretical part, an illustrative section and a third practical part to which most of the time is dedicated.

During the first 12-hour part, candidates have been trained on reading the technical drawing and in welding regulations. Furthermore, they learned how welding processes take place and how to perform them on stainless steel. Finally, they received an overview of the quality control checks of the welds (dimensional and non-destructive), as well as of the safety regulations.

Un momento del corso di formazione per saldatori.
A moment of the theoretical part of the course.

During the second part, an 8-hour demonstration, the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process was presented. This is one of the most popular methods allowing the welding of different types of materials.

Lastly, during the third 60-hour practical part, the candidates were able to experience the welder’s profession in the field. In particular, they made some exercises in an ad hoc laboratory created in the Ecor International headquarters equipped with all the necessary tools and protective devices. During these practical tests, the students performed TIG welding on specimens under the supervision of the Ecor International Welding Managers who guided and corrected them to improve their technique.

The organizers

The course was created thanks to the partnership between Ecor International and Axl.

Ecor International, thanks to its specialized skills in welding and in the production of critical components in steel, aluminum, titanium and special alloys, has made available the area, equipment and resources to start the course. The teachers of the lectures were two engineers and a specialized technician, employed in the company, who obtained the diploma after passing the training course of the European Federation of Welding. In addition, two experienced welders were involved as they are qualified according to the UNI EN ISO 9606 standard, establishing the qualification test requirements for steel fusion welders.

Provini del corso di formazione per saldatori.
Some specimens on which the students practiced.

AxL, a company with over fifteen years of experience in the selection of qualified resources, took care of the selection of candidates and AxL Formazione a training company specialized in training and in organizational consultancy and Human Resources, managed the organizational activities in collaboration with Ecor International.

The project is part of a broader willingness of the company to train specialized technicians and support youth employment through dedicated training courses giving a high possibility of professional integration after their conclusion. Currently, the company has included 4 participants from the past editions of the Academy.

In the context of general training, the company also contributed to the expansion project of the Don Bosco Salesian Vocational Training Center in Schio, inaugurated in 2018, providing some equipment for teaching activities: 14 workbenches with drawers and a showcase for the instruments of the new laboratories of the school.