Ecor International and RINA sign a strategic partnership for the integrated services provision for the Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Energy sectors

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Ecor International and RINA sign a strategic partnership for the integrated services provision for the Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Energy sectors

Ecor International Group -Italian reference for the production and assembly of components made with the most innovative production technologies, thanks to its industrial research center on advanced mechanics- and RINAhave signed a partnership to support customers in high value-added markets -Food&Liquid, Mechanics, Aeronautics, Defense and Automotive-.

Both companies aim at improving their products/processes through the design, testing, prototyping, qualification of end-to-end solutions in which metallic materials play a prominent role. Moreover they share a common goal in strengthening their position in the global market, combining their expertise in critical applications for the advanced manufacturing sector.

The services provided jointly derive from the continuous and constant technological research, aimed at carrying out Feasibility Studies and the subsequent phases of design and testing (chemical, physical and mechanical)up to the qualification of the products and their effective use.

Ecor International Group contributes to these important results thanks to the experience gained in the Food&Liquid sector. In addition to that, strategic investments in research and innovation have lead the creation of industrial-scale plants for the development and prototyping of innovative technological solutions.

Sergio Lucietto, fondatore di Ecor

Sergio Lucietto, President and founder of Ecor Group, comments: “We are honored that one of the most important Italian companies in the engineering field has chosen Ecor International Group to expand its ability to offer to the most technologically advanced industrial sectors. Thanks to our professional skills and genuine passion, together we are going to develop new services and technologies that ensure more efficient and sustainable applications“.

Guido Chiappa, Executive Vice President Materials, Technology & Innovation of RINA, declares: “These partnerships play and important role in reaching the objectives that strategic fields like Food&Liquid, Mechanics, Aeronautics, Defense and Automotive set. Together with the solutions end to end, the energetic transition is one of the pillars of RINA.
Thanks to our know-how in the field of materials and the Ecor International Group expertise, we will be able to implement an industry that is increasingly modern, digital and, therefore, competitive”.

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