Reputation and pharmaceutical world: is there a before and after pandemic?

With the first cases detected in Wuhan and then with the declaration of the state of global pandemic by the UN (United Nations) of 11th March, let’s see how the pandemic has radically changed our daily lives, and, if possible, how to re-evaluate a "before and after" the pharmaceutical industry in reputational terms.

A Social and pharmaceutical challenge

If from the human point of view we had a first-hand experience of a good part of these changes – confinement, social distancing, deprivation of individual freedom, etc. – much of what is behind the challenge with the virus is invisible to us.

To act as a shield in the fight against the pandemic there was an undisputed key player: the anti-virus vaccine. In this sense, the pharmaceutical sector has shown a remarkable reactivity confirming, from all points of view, to be a leading sector in the industrial world, believing concretely in social responsibility and sustainability.

These elements made it possible to give a strong message to the whole society by collecting, from the latter, a renewed vision and reputation.

The reputation

Reputation, especially in times of great difficulty and complexity, is an excellent indicator to demonstrate the value and quality of relationships established with their stakeholders and with the community.

The pharmaceutical sector, with the help of its strong response in terms of social responsibility, has not only been able to tangibly strengthen its business but also the prestige that the community acknowledges to the entire sector has increased considerably, generating an increase in profits (+1% in production value compared to 2019).

As noted in the report of Farmindustria: “The topic of sustainability of social and health systems is a priority in all Advanced Economies, both thanks to the arrival of more targeted and effective therapies and to the progress of research treating or “making chronic” diseases once considered lethal”.

What was good was also observed by the study carried out by Patientview, an important patient association. Through extensive demoscopic research, an attempt was made to assess the reputational impact of the pandemic on the population by considering a panel of 1920 people from 84 different countries.

Within the dossier it is curious to see how:

  • 62% of the patients interviewed rated the response of the entire sector in the fight against the pandemic as “very effective” or “effective”.
  • 50% rated “Excellent” or “Good” the pharmaceutical CSR (the highest in 10 years).

Even in the Italian context the results were significant. In the Pharma Reptrak survey (out of more than 2800 respondents) it was observed that the 24 top organizations of the beautiful country exceeded the threshold of 70 points (collecting an excellent 70.9) which identifies a “strong” reputation.

These results show a growing focus on a concept of responsible and sustainable work by leading realities.

The contribution of all

However, the efforts of all the companies that collaborate with the pharmaceutical sector and have allowed activities to continue should not be forgotten as a backdrop to these praiseworthy achievements by the entire sector.

In this sense, Ecor International Spa has continued to operate with the utmost commitment by providing its customers with concrete and reliable answers. The design and production of complex articles dedicated to production lines have made it possible to create components dedicated to the production of anti-covid vaccines such as the tank (Read the article in the Magazine -> Every effort is always aimed at achieving the highest quality and reliability that our partners need.

Filling tank for the pharmaceutical world

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