Partnerships with Universities appeal young talent to collaborate with Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus

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Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus attract young talent even before the end of their University studies, for their internship and thesis.

Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus attract young talent even before the end of their University studies, for their internship and thesis.

Il Sentiero International Campus, after the first years of collaboration, has officially joined the network of companies partner of the degree course in Product Innovation Engineering, Università di Padova (Padua University), based in Vicenza.

This recognition is the confirmation of the industrial research center’s ability to attract young specialized undergraduates, thanks to in-house expertise and cutting-edge technologies.
Younger generations are now looking for “quality of work”, a fundamental element for quality of life, and Ecor International has been able to create one of the most advanced engineering research hub.

The research hub has grown both in terms of turnover and specialized researchers: the number of people working within Il Sentiero International Campus grew up from the first 7 people in 2017 to 34 (including 22 engineers and researchers) in 2021, to 61 people (including 40 engineers and researchers) during 2022.

“Today we are a recognized and reliable partner for companies, large multinational corporations and research networks, thanks to specialized technical skills, multidisciplinary research areas and experience inherited from Ecor International.
We support our clients at all stages of the development and life of their products: from feasibility studies to design, from prototyping to industrialization, from serial production to support for spare parts management and after-sales. We qualified in very specific and rare research areas, such as Reliability Engineering, Surface Engineering and Addictive Manufacturing,” explains Nicola Pozzan, Director – Engineering & Industrial Development, Il Sentiero International Campus.

Il Sentiero International Campus it’s an outstanding educational opportunity for young engineers.

Innovation comes from research. To make progress in research, it’s necessary to test theory by applying it through experimental tests, and these require preparation, skills and advanced technologies.
The collaboration undertaken for years with the degree course in Product Innovation Engineering is a strategic asset of great value for us, because it allows us to select the best talents by having them get to know us during their undergraduate studies.”- says Nicola Pornaro, Design & Prototypes Manager, Il Sentiero.
“For our part, we provide trainees with a competent environment and the most advanced machinery, giving them the unique opportunity to follow an experimental project from design to implementation phase”.

Nicola Pornaro, Design & Prototypes Manager, will present internship plans to students interested in an experience with the Sentiero International Campus on Feb. 24 at the orientation meeting for undergraduates in the Product Innovation Engineering degree program at the Education Hub on Margherita Avenue.

Let’s hear the testimony of four young people who began working with Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus with a University internship or training placement.

Giovani ingegneri presso Il Sentiero International Campus

Alex Bortoli is the youngest Design & Prototypes engineer at Il Sentiero. He works while he studying for a Master’s degree in Product Innovation Engineering at the University of Padua.
During his Bachelor’s degree, his practical participation in University laboratories was limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the experience at Il Sentiero research center proved even more meaningful.

“I chose to pursue my studies and work at the same time, to gain a lot of experience and be more competitive“- says Alex- “Joining the industrial research center in Schio was very stimulating and rewarding for me, I found colleagues with the same background as me and trained managers from whom I could learn. I  especially appreciated the fact that they let me test, in order to combine theory with lots of practice“.

“It’s different here because you really collaborate with the company,” adds Matteo Fontana, Automation engineer, who joined Il Sentiero doing an internship and preparing his thesis on Mechanical Fatigue in a Corrosive Environment, which he defended at the end of 2022, earning top honors.

“By doing the internship at Il Sentiero International Campus”-Matteo continues-“I had the opportunity to design from the beginning the testbed related to my theoretical research. I realized it and then I started testing it. I was thus able to explore the topic investigated in my thesis in its entirety/as a whole, which is not taken for granted in most companies. In fact, I had this opportunity because here I found an environment that was really open to research and had great in-house expertise. Here engineers study a problem from beginning to end, researching the phenomenon and managing all the test data”.

“Besides the young and united work environment, the feature I liked the most is that I never heard the answer ‘We’ve always done it this way, let’s keep doing it this way’. On the contrary I was told: ‘Let’s investigate the issue thoroughly. Study, test and present your conclusions.”

Sveva Moro is a junior assistant at Ecor International, in Production Planning – Adv. Mechanics. She, too, began her experience in the company with a training internship and is about to finish her degree in Management Engineering. She deals with production planning and gives support to the Quality Department and Customer service.

“My internship experience was very useful because it allowed me to step between theoretical study and practice. In this period I was able to apply the notions learned in books and really understand how a company and its production processes work internally. – tells Sveva and concludes – I’m happy with my role in Ecor International because it is dynamic and not monotonous, it allows me to interact with different departments to follow the production process and to manage many activities, such as analysis and reporting.”

giovane al lavoro in Ecor

The research center Il Sentiero International Campus also has an office in Fisciano (Salerno) since 2021. It begun collaborating with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno.

Roberto Siani is a young engineer who did the internship activity and the experimental practical part of his thesis, dedicated to The dissimilar welding between titanium alloys and aluminum alloys using laser wobbler. For his thesis, the Fisciano site of Il Sentiero represented an excellent environment, thanks to the use of innovative machinery and tools such as a robotic laser welding cell, equipped with Laser YLS-2000 (IPG Photonics), welding head with laser wobbler D30 (IPG PHOTONICS), Anthropomorphic Robot IRB 4400 (ABB).