Innovation, investments, partnership: the future of Il Sentiero

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A Material Engineering graduand conducted a benchmarking analysis on the Research Center, born on the initiative of Ecor International: here revealed the improvement strategies.

Innovation, dedicated services investment, cooperation with strategic partners – these are some of the indication of improvement revealed from a study on Il Sentiero International Campus strategy. In the Laboratory of the Industrial Research Centre, created through an Ecor International initiative, researchers deal with Surface and Reliability Engineering, Joining Technologies and Additive Manufacturing studies.

This research work has been conducted by the former student Vincenzo del Sordo, now owning a master degree in Material Engineering, Department of Science and Method of Engineering at the Modena and Reggio Emilia University.

Inside his dissertation, Vincenzo has collected a benchmarking analysis based on Il Sentiero, focusing on the Laboratory and Technology theme. The aim was to collect a series of useful information, in order to lead to potential future choices of investment, to discover new business and production areas currently uncovered and to avoid pointless juxtaposition of competences, not functional for the company development.

L'interno del laboratorio de Il Sentiero International Campus
Inside the laboratory at Il Sentiero International Campus.

The benchmarking

The benchmarking is an innovative management technology that foresees a continuous process of measurement of products, services and procedures, made through comparisons with our best competitors or with companies leading in different business areas.

According to Vincenzo, considering the numerousness of competitors on the market, it is pivotal to implement development policies. Those policies builds on objective analysis of the possible contexts that could lead to the most appropriate laboratory expansion, in order to put the laboratory in a position of effective interest.

After defining the benchmark object and the selection criteria, Vincenzo elaborated the KPI in order to identify the best companies and to define the geographic coverage of the area.

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From the analysis of all the collected data, the student developed a series of information very useful for the future Il Sentiero International Campus strategy, in particular:

  • To maintain the role of strategic supplier, increasing continuously its expertise;
  • To work alongside the leading companies in the field in order to start long-terms new projects and to give emphasis to the Modena Laboratory peculiarities;
  • To enhance networking in all its forms in order to make Il Sentiero standing out in the local area and beyond;
  • To activate some innovation circuits, designed to a continuous improvement towards the performance standards refinement, in comparison with the surrounding entities;
  • To strengthen the online storytelling of the offered solutions and to provide efficient and innovative information, consistent with the lab activity.

“The proposed marketing strategy seizes the opportunities on the market and takes account of the laboratory resources and skills. It offers Il Sentiero International Campus a growth potential in industrial project strategic consulting, in order to become a landmark for Central and Northern Italy” –writes Vincenzo–. “The immediately following development could concern the Benchmarking analysis of more restricted areas in order to place Il Sentiero International Campus in the local and regional scenario and to promote a growth on the national territory, through the achievement of time progressive leadership positions in the market”.