Il Sentiero International Campus, the new website is online

The Industrial Research Center, realized on the initiative of Ecor International, carries out applied research activities in fields such as Reliability and Surface Engineering, Additive Manufacturing and joining technologies.

The new Il Sentiero International Campus website is online, the Industrial Research Center realized on the initiative of Ecor International.

Researchers of the Campus deal with the study of materials, surfaces and processes to develop innovative components useful in the business area “Advanced Mechanics”. In particular, the main fields of application are Food and Pharma processing and packaging automatic machines, Automotive and Aeronautics; research areas are Surface and Reliability Engineering, Additive Manufacturing and Joining Technologies.

Il sito web de Il Sentiero International Campus, Centro di Ricerca Industriale
Il Sentiero International Campus website.

The new web site is characterized by an innovative design, with a menu highlighting the distinctive competences of structure, activities carried out and services. A comprehensive description focuses on available technologies used for several analysis: microscopy, mechanical characterization, thermal analysis, metrological tests, chemical and physical characterization, additive manufacturing.

Il Sentiero International Campus was created with the awareness that innovation is the strategic value to increase competitiveness in present and future markets. It is based on three main pillars: a strong relationship between Universities and Manufacturing Industry, innovative technologies and a continuous technical training of the specialized personnel.

Il render de Il Sentiero International Campus, Centro di Ricerca Industriale
Il Sentiero International Campus render.

Located in Castelvetro di Modena, where enlargement works on an area of 37.000 square meters are currently underway, it is part of the High-Technology Network Emilia-Romagna, which integrates competences, equipment and resources for the development of companies.

Strategic technical/scientific planning is supervised by a Steering Committee including the most representative institutions: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Parma and CRIT, a company specialized in research and analysis of technical and scientific information and in the development of research projects.

The Center carries out research and development activities in the framework of industrial projects for enterprises and in the field of national and European R&D funding programmes.