Ecor International replaces plastic bottles with customised stainless steel bottles

Ecor International replaces plastic bottle vending machines with a drinking water dispenser and gives employees personalised water bottles.

Back together again after 30 months

Ecor Group is once again demonstrating its commitment to sustainability: after completing a number of projects aimed at improving its environmental impact and developing new ones, the Schio-based company has renovated its break areas for internal staff and guests.
Among the novelties is the automatic dispenser of drinking water, which replaces disposable plastic bottles and allows the Vicenza-based company to reduce plastic waste.
To encourage the adoption of sustainable daily practices, the group handed out stainless steel bottles, each personalised with their name on the cap, to all employees at all Italian locations.
An initiative desired by the BET Team, the company’s internal body composed of staff and created about a year ago to promote the company’s values.

One of the water bottles handed out to Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus employees at all the Italian locations.

Onwards united

It was no ordinary day: in fact, the company met again for the occasion after two and a half years since the last time.
Fabrizio Casadei, General Manager of Ecor International, did not hide a certain emotion at the beginning of his speech, thinking about how our lives and work have been turned upside down during this period. An analysis of the current situation, characterised by various difficulties, between the shortage of raw materials and soaring production costs, was not missing.
But despite everything, “the company has continued its work, thanks also to the spirit of unity, responsibility and belonging of all Ecor Group employees,” said Mr Casadei, “and to the support of customers, who thus also show esteem and trust in Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus. With this synergy, we look forward to the Renaissance. None of us knows when it will arrive, but we will do our utmost to make sure it arrives as soon as possible”.

Chiara Lucietto, Managing Director of Ecor International, retraced the steps that led the Ecor Group to become a well-established company in the engineering sector, starting out over forty years ago in the field of ecology and research. But it was “thanks to the intelligence and foresight of its president and founder that the company has evolved to the present day, so much so that Il Sentiero International Campus has been recognised as an official R&D centre by its main customer. But this”, continued Chiara Lucietto, “is not a point of arrival, but a starting point for a new path, pursuing new projects with the same intelligence and far-sightedness, to face new challenges. And if the Ecor Group is ready to face them, it is also thanks to the BET Team and its work in disseminating its corporate values”.

Fabrizio Casadei closed by highlighting the positive aspects: some of the most innovative products on the market have been developed by Ecor International and Il Sentiero International Campus, and the number of staff has increased. This demonstrates that the Ecor Group model is a winning one and is “based on values, such as respect and trust, which require a great deal of effort from everyone but which, thanks to the work of the BET Team, are widespread within the company“.

Environmentally friendly

The latest vending machines are not only new from a technological and design point of view, but also from an environmental one.
In fact, last year the glasses fitted on the vending machines for hot drinks saved 541 kg of CO2 and new glasses with 10% recycled plastic will soon be used, reducing emissions even further.

The Aquà water dispenser reduces CO2 emissions by 94.65% in one year, compared to the water bottle vending machine. Considering the number of water dispensings and water bottles, the company can reduce CO2 emissions by 164.96 kg.
Even though this initiative marks a small step towards a more sustainable future, it is from the union of many small gestures that we change and make our own contribution, embarking on a new path.

Ecor Group will continue to work on further substantial initiatives in the future, such as the important project to develop high-efficiency production systems to minimise production costs and improve productivity and product quality, which has already received partial funding from the Veneto Region.

Ecor International sostituisce i distributori automatici di bottiglie di plastica con un erogatore di acqua potabile e dona ai dipendenti delle borracce personalizzate.