Pioneers in aerospace sustainability – Ecor International attends Space Meetings Veneto

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The Aerospace division presents itself at the Veneto Space Meetings (20 to 22 May in Venice) with its products and systems related to the future of aerospace.

Since entering the aerospace sector, Ecor International has distinguished itself through the quality and reliability of its critical aerospace applications. This dedication has earned the company’s Aerospace division the trust of major Italian manufacturers, enabling it to participate in the Veneto Space Meetings alongside 28 other companies from the Veneto RIR (Regional Innovative Network).

The international conference dedicated to the space industry, scheduled to take place in Venice from May 20th to 22nd, will be attended by prominent organizations including the Italian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, and international manufacturers such as Thales Alenia, Leonardo, Airbus, and Ariane Group.
Italy’s space economy is a growing sector, with the Veneto region alone boasting a turnover of 2.2 billion euros, employing five thousand individuals, and hosting 260 companies. According to a statement by the president of the Veneto region at the presentation event of the Meeting at the European Parliament, the Veneto region ranks fourth in Italy in terms of the number of companies in the sector.

“We contribute by researching and developing innovative solutions that aim to make the aerospace industry more sustainable, focusing on the design and production of lightweight, high-performance components using advanced materials and efficient production processes,” says Giulio Roana, Head of Ecor International’s Aerospace Business Area.

With the aim of addressing the needs of the aerospace sector and tackling global challenges, Ecor International’s Aerospace division contributes to research into technologies that represent the future of space exploration. These technologies offer new perspectives centered around efficiency and environmentally-friendly outcomes, notably electric propulsion and the utilization of new-generation propellants.

  • Electric propulsion stands as a standard for the attitude control of satellites within the space economy, characterized by its efficiency and low environmental impact. Ecor International collaborates in the design of the systems integral to this technology, ensuring adherence to the high technological and quality standards required for such applications.
  • The adoption of new-generation propellants, aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of space operations, presents a new frontier. Ecor International is actively supporting international stakeholders in the production of critical tubing for the utilization of these novel biofuels.

“Aerospace is one of the most technologically and environmentally demanding industries. We are aware of the need to adopt processes and technologies that maximize resource efficiency and minimize environmental impact” concludes Giulio Roana, Head of Ecor International’s Aerospace Business Area.