All the secrets of satellites and space vehicles

Adrian Fartrade mentre spiega come vengono realizzati i veicoli spaziali
In the new video published online, Adrian Fartrade, a science-writer very popular on the web and author of “Link4universe” platform, leads us behind the scenes of the company, which also operates in the Space area, revealing how some components installed in aircrafts and space vehicles are made.

The style is a bit like that of the programs by Piero and Alberto Angela, the famous TV hosts who still captivate millions of Italians talking about science, history and culture with a simple and engaging language.

In the new Ecor International video, however, is Adrian Fartrade, a popular web science-writer who, through his Youtube channel “Link4universe” with almost 250 thousand subscribers, to addresses young audience revealing how some parts of spacecraft are made and telling news, curiosities, anecdotes related to the Space.

The new Ecor International video in which Adrian Fartrade, a popular web science-writer, leads us behind the scenes of the company and reveals how some components installed in aircrafts are made.

Adrian himself, a few months ago, came to visit the company in Schio and, during a tour of the offices and production departments, was able to see for himself how complex critical components are manufactured, respecting high quality standards required by an industry with very strict rules. These products literally fly into the sky or into space, as they are installed in airplanes, spacecrafts and orbiting satellites, such as in the case of the Orion MPCV project.

So, following his words, let’s go behind the scenes of Ecor International.

How did a company that was originally a small stainless steel trade warehouse to produce such complex components for Aerospace and other sectors? What are the technologies and the secrets of these activities? What’s the impact of the production of these components in our everyday lives?

Un'intervista di Adrian Fartrade durante il video di Ecor International in cui viene spiegato come si realizzano componenti per veicoli spaziali
A frame of the new Ecor International video.

To these questions Adrian tries to give an answer by guiding us inside the company premises and showing us how some parts of spacecraft are made. His language is simple, spontaneous and fresh. His courious approach also leads him to ask some questions to those who work with Ecor International every day.

This video, following the other corporate one, was created by Ecor International with the support of Confindustria Vicenza and aims at telling young people and not only, the values ​​and quality of Vicenza industries.

In this Christmas break during the holidays, we wish you to enjoy the discovery of the company and see you next year with many new projects!

Behind the scenes