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Aerospace, Leonardo signs a partnership with Ecor International

Un aereo in volo: l'accordo di Leonardo rivolto ai fornitori dell'Aerospazio si rivolge a questo settore.
The company located in Schio will join LEAP2020, a programme that aims at enhancing technological excellence by allowing the best suppliers to access new business opportunities in the Aerospace field. This topic along with new partnership opportunities with the supply chain were discussed during the Città Impresa Festival.

Ecor International was selected by Leonardo, one of the world’s top 10 companies in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sector, as a qualified supplier and eligible for joining LEAP2020, Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnerships.

This is a 10-year programme, foreseen by Leonardo’s Industrial Business Plan, which aims at strengthening the supply chain and make it sustainable in the medium-long term. The goal is to enhance technological excellence in the satellite industries allowing the best supply chain companies to access new business opportunities.

Il programma Leap2020 di Leonardo è rivolto ai fornitori

This new relationship between company and suppliers, in the spirit of an industrial and supply chain approach with a bilateral logic, will offer mutual opportunities in terms of development, integration, sustainability, competitiveness and performance. Furthermore, Ecor International, supplier of Leonardo with several years of experience in the Aerospace sector, will be able to join new projects in this field and strengthen its national leadership in welding and tube processing.

«The agreement with Leonardo is an important partnership for us, as we are oriented towards business diversification, and opens further developments in the strategy for the aerospace market – commented Fabrizio Casadei, Ecor International General Manager -. Over the next three years, our industrial business plan foresees the growth in the turnover share related to aerospace between 10% and 30%, a sector in which we work with diversified, non-mutually competitive customers».

The partnership with the supplier Ecor International will allow Leonardo to achieve growth in product performance and competitiveness. Moreover, it will allow to bring back to Italy critical technologies, such as hydraulic pipes for aeronautical applications purchased abroad in the past.

Un momento della tavola rotonda con Leonardo e Ecor International durante il Festival Città Impresa di Vicenza
A moment of the panel discussion during Festival Città Impresa of Vicenza.

This agreement and topics related to supply chains have been discussed during the Festival Città Impresa of Vicenza, at the round table entitled “Large supply chains and partner-suppliers, the Leonardo case” held at the end of March. The meeting was conducted by Fabio Savelli, a journalist for the Corriere della Sera, and was attended by Marco Zoff, Leonardo’s Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer and Leonardo Global Solutions Managing Director; Fabrizio Casadei, Ecor International General Manager and CEO of the Il Sentiero International Campus; Alessandro Rosso, Managing Director of TPS Group and Sandro Trento, Professor of Economics and Business Management of the University of Trento and Director of the ERGO Foundation. Chiara Lucietto, one of the owners of Ecor International and Business Director took part to the event as well. Many young people and university students were among the public.

After the speech by Zoff, who spoke about the Leonardo case and the need to consolidate the collaboration with the entire supply chain to improve performance in terms of deliveries and quality, Rosso intervention, brought the evidence of the company he manages, Leonardo’s historic supplier for electronic services.

Un momento della tavola rotonda con Leonardo e Ecor International durante il Festival Città Impresa di Vicenza
A moment of the panel discussion during Festival Città Impresa of Vicenza.

Casadei intervened on the topics related to technology and innovation, quoting some experiments that have already been tested and that envisage a strategic partnership with multinational companies to promote research and innovation. Leonardo has shown interest in investigating the model of these collaborations which could be an effective and applicable example. Then Trento intervened on the Leonardo case and the dimensional question of SMEs.

Another topic at the center of the debate was the attention to environmental sustainability, which is increasingly required by consumers, customers and stakeholders. In this perspective, Ecor International is investing resources for new environmentally fiendly materials for industrial application.